A loss to Tampa Bay on Sunday

Redskins now enter bye week looking to make magic

Ricky Jean Francois already bought his plane ticket to Miami. (Don’t worry high quality replica handbags china , he bought insurance.)

“It just wouldn’t have felt right,” he said after Washington’s outlandish 31 30 win, the one that again had you glancing at 1:1 replica handbags the NFC East standings and the upcoming schedule. “I know it sounds weird, but I wouldn’t have made no moves. That game would have played back too much in my head. It would have just been too much. I’m serious.”

You Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags know all those “just another game” truisms that are scattered throughout locker rooms, next to the Louis Vuitton bags and sweaty rags? They were missing on Sunday. Whatever color code you wanted to affix to replica louis vuitton this game, players were perfectly aware of what a loss would have meant. They were surprisingly frankabout their post break trip to New England to face the undefeated Patriots, about the implications of being two games out of the division lead entering the bye, and about the temperature around town had they lost fake louis bag a third straight game.

The Washington Post Gene Wang and Scott Allen discuss the Redskins Week 7 against the Bucs. (Thomas Johnson and Randolph Smith/The Washington Post)

“It would have been bad,” linebacker Will Compton said. “It would have been awful. It’s all you would have thought about.”

“If we would have lost this game, that would have been the worst feeling ever,” said fellow linebacker Perry Riley Jr.

“Oh man, I don’t know if we were prepared for that,” Hatcher said. “There’s no telling what it would have been a big hole going into the bye week.”

He stopped himself, but the bad possibilities go without saying. Maybe there wouldn’t have been drastic changes if the 24 0 deficit became a 48 0 loss, but there would have been a few inevitableconsequences. Apathy in the stands. A loss of confidence in the men making the decisions. The fanbase’s wholesale abandonment of all those promises to be patient. The prospect of yet another late season tailspin.

Don’t forget, Washington’s cumulative record in the second half of the past two seasons is 1 15, the worst in the NFL. Since Joe Gibbs left town, the Redskins fake designer bags are 16 40 after the season’s midway point, better only than St. Louis and Cleveland.

Around here, the football talk usually stops by the end of October, replaced by circus jargon and poop emoji. In 2010, Washington lost four of its first five games after the bye. In 2011, the bye devolved into a six game losing streak. Washington closed the 2013 season with an eight game losing streak, costing Mike Shanahan his job. replica designer handbags Last year Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags cheap louis vuitton bags from china , the Redskins lost their first five games after their bye, sealing Jim Haslett’s fate. A loss to Tampa Bay on Sunday, with the New England Patriots looming, and you could already envision the annual December angst, the comically early mock drafts, the calls for firings and the sports radio gimmicks. Remember last year’s coffin ceremony?

“That’s us, that’s the [bleeping]Redskins,” he said, according to one player.

“He’s right. That’s how we’ve got to think,” Compton said. “Whenwe do what we do, replica louis vuitton bags we’re a damn good football team.”

Are they? As with most NFL teams, you could make the case either way. They needed a startling Philadelphia kicker malfunction and Sunday’s franchise record high quality designer replica handbags rally to avoid a 1 6 disaster. But if Ryan Grant’s turf monster pal had stayed hidden in Atlanta, they also could be above.500 and tied for first. You can coulda shoulda every NFL season into outlandish contortions, which is why players are now thinking things that would make even the HTTRest giggle.

“We know in this locker room that we’re a good team, that we have what we need to go far, make it to the playoffs, Riley said. “And then when we get to the playoffs, it’s another season after that, but ”

Hold up, hold up,bring it back, come rewind. What was that again?

“I said in this locker room, we have what we need to get to the playoffs,” Riley repeated. “Once high quality replica handbags china we get to the playoffs, it’s another season.”

“Once we get to the playoffs?” That’s what Sunday’s win made possible: the belief that these players are coming back with some purpose grander than “try to get to six wins,” or “see if we can avoid farce.”

Instead, there was Terrance Knighton, ticking off the reinforcements likely to join the team in New England and beyond: DeSean Jackson, Chris Culliver and Kory Lichtensteiger, to name three of the biggest. And there was Dashon Goldson, talking about his team playing “Redskin ball,” convinced that that’s actually a good thing. And there was Kirk Cousins, off the best performance of his career, talking about how much of this season remains.

In the past, that might have sounded ominous. It still might be. If the Redskins can’t rediscover their running game they have just 135 yards on the ground in the past three weeks or figure out how to stop the run the past three backs they’ve faced have combined for 435 yards they probably won’t be playing in January. If we’re being honest.

But this week wasn’t really about the playoffs; it was about remaining relevant. aaa replica designer handbags So when Compton plays video games with his brothers in Missouri, and Knighton hops on “whichever flight leaves first after the team meeting,” and Baker enjoys replica louis vuitton bags from china a “babymoon” with his pregnant wife, and Hatcher makes his magic in Miami, they’ll know they’re coming back to a season whose vital signs continue to at least vibrate. Did they save their season?

“I don’t know,” Jean Francois said. “I just know we brought the team closer together with a win like this.”Get The PostTerms of Use.

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